3 thoughts on “In Case You Still Don't Think He's a Diiiirty Ol' Man

  1. C.J.

    I’m not one to shout “conspiracy,” but damned if that didn’t look staged. I mean, fingering the wedding ring, several times, on national the fuck television, fully aware that there’s a camera right there? Either he was trying to come off as a lech on national television, or else it’s something he does so regularly it’s become habit. Whether that habit is fingering his ring, or fingering his ring while eying up people he’s not married to, well…

  2. Anonymous

    yes- might be staged or might not be… scandals are afoot.
    On a somewhat different subject, a Palin family picture where the 17 year old daughter is spotting a baby belly, not the mom…
    (scroll down to the family photo– http://www.theliberaloc.com/2008/08/29/dan-quayle-in-a-dress/#more-4164)

    My question is– how can you pick someone that is still under investigation for abuse of power? (She’s still in trouble for trying to fire her sister’s ex-husband, then firing the guy who wouldn’t fire him.)

  3. Dave

    John Kennedy would have been far more subtle in his leering. Bill Clinton – er, maybe not. But from John McCain? I need a shower. Eww.

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