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On Oral, A Reader Asks: Can I Really Tease Her For More Than An Hour?

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A young lesbian reader has written after reading my three-part (evidently not so) Man’s Guide to Cunnilingus (click here to read: part one, part two, part three). I may have to change the name of that. How hetero of me. Shame!
Awwright, let’s start off with the 18-year-old girl’s question:

In your cunnilingus post, pt.3, you exhort to torturously delay her cumming in order to give her one “mind-boggling” orgasm. That is exactly my question, how do you do it? Because, in order to do so, if I start varying the rhythm of my tongue or even stop for a moment to lick other spots I’m afraid her orgasm might vanish.
In your post “Giving Great Head” you say that your “record” for delivering oral on a guy was over an hour and that his reaction was mind-blowing. Is it possible to do the same to a chick?

-Eager Beaver
Excellent question!
Let’s all just take a deep breath for a second here and think on the basics that everyone needs to know about sex:
First, orgasms don’t just up and vanish into thin air. It’s not like a Hogwart’s class on spellcasting or something here. Don’t be so scared of failing to bring an orgasm that you don’t explore the realms of human enjoyment, all right? It’s not about achieving orgasm in 18.67 minutes. There’s no time-limit involved. Taking the slow scenic route may mean you need to build back up to a cadence that’ll yield an orgasm, but so what?
The fact is, one of the best things a woman can do to increase her orgasm potential for later in the evening is to masturbate to the brink of orgasm, then stop, denied, before showering and/or getting ready for her plans/date. If she knows she’s getting laid later, she’ll typically have a better, more fulfilling orgasm because of “masturbatus-interruptus“. Same thing as if you get interrupted during sex, can’t finish, and then finish later, it’s a much hotter orgasm, isn’t it?
So, if worse come to worse and the arousal should dampen, which it often can and will, just take charge and take her right back to where you want her. Who cares if it takes a while? What’s your rush?
Spending an hour on oral means semi-constantly making sure you’re somehow stimulating her vaginal areas, whether it’s tracing a finger over her and just lightly toying with her, or during a more overt clitoral rub to heighten things, or working her as part of your oral arts. Always be aware and be conscious of her vagina. You can detour away for a few seconds here or there, but make a grand return by kissing your way down her torso or introducing a sex toy into the equation.
There are no rules, get creative. Think “If I were a vagina, how would I like to be toyed with” and get creative about finding items you can tease her with over the course of an hour or two. Spend an afternoon sometime when you’re by yourself just going through your place and finding unusual items (that need to be clean) for teasing a body with. A feather, a powderpuff, a silk tassel, sex toys… use props, put the “play” back into playing with each other.
If you’re talking about stimulating your lover for an hour, two hours, or more, mostly via oral, you have to remember that you can absolutely pull back and just lightly toy with them, using a finger or a small prop, for a few minutes to take a break. God, even just hovering over her vagina (or over a man’s cock), an inch away, and breathing hot and hard against her vagina will be arousing, and you have to do nothing but breathe, so that’s a good “breather” to take as well. Just try to keep them in a light state of arousal throughout, and when you’re recharged a bit, go back to your pleasure-giving duties.
Understand, everybody, you are NOT going to kill orgasms! Not usually You are going to ENHANCE them. Yes. Yes, you are. That’s what it’s about. The longer someone is aroused and the longer that pleasure is denied, the greater the orgasm will be. Do we understand now? Making them wait is a good thing. It’s the difference between an “ohh…” orgasm and an “ohh!” orgasm, all right?
You’re not the first person to not realize this, Eager Beaver, and, god help me, you ain’t going to be the last. But overcome the fear of “losing the orgasm” and adopt the confidence of giving the orgasm on yer own damned timetable, all right?
Besides, again it’s all becoming about the orgasm, when it really isn’t about that. Sex, oral and otherwise, is about so much more than just blowing our loads.
It’s about showing your lover they’re worth you spending an hour or more of your time literally just making them feel great. It’s about enjoying the mingling of human saltiness and sweetness on your tongue and the millions of crazy nerves firing off inside yer lucky lover, beneath your touch, as they squirm and groan softly as you playfully dart here and there, licking and kissing and nibbling and sucking.
The orgasm is just the briefest of moments, and, in the end, it’s never really the orgasm we remember anyways, is it? It’s the delightful tortured waiting in which we think this fury of feeling we’ve got is going to explode from within us if we don’t get to orgasm soon, isn’t it? That feeling’s so fucking hot. THAT is the feeling you want to work to create. That place between heaven and hell that we could all spend an eternity in, provided we get release every now and again.
You won’t lose the orgasm.
You will, however, find a whole new definition to what it means to please your lover. Trust me.

Decoding Feminine Desire: Yeah, Right

Okay, so supposedly you’re all here ‘cos this girl knows her shit, right?
I gotta tell you, though, I’m stumped. Seems a reader who simply goes by “Regular” wants to know how a man can then get his woman all riled in response to the posting below this one, A Few Ways To Get Your Man Rock Hard.
Would that it were so easy, my friend, but we all know women are complicated. Them’s the facts. Anyone who tells you different is full of shit. There’s no Magic 8-Ball easy-peasy decoder ring to turning women on. We’re a chore.
Women talking about how hard it is to understand men sometimes strikes me as laughable. The truth is, we got it easy. Your buttons are so goddamned easy to push. Whether it be stuffing your suit pocket with our panties after a ritzy meal out, or dropping our clothes in front of you, it seems like that’s all it ever takes.

Excepting the occasional so-called “dysfunction” episode, of course. I hate that word because it implies that guys should have a money shot every time a thought about sex occurs to them. What kind of fucked-up expectations are we encouraging here? Can’t they just be aroused on a different level for a change? Not if you listen to the goodly folk like Pfizer pushing a Viagra-sized solution on the masses. “A man needs a manly response,” seems to be the spin of the decade. Seems we missed the memo explaining intimacy sized up to a lot more than just seven inches rigid, or whether a chick comes.

Chicks, though, our hot buttons come from a world full of different places. For us, it’s not as visual as it is for men. It’s something almost intangible. A expression, a phrase uttered, that way you’re sitting all cross-legged and peering at us like you can see right through us as we regale you about our childhood, or any other number of absurdly impalpable means of getting stimulated. Or at least it’s that way for those of us in touch with our sex drives. We all know there’re some pretty fucking androgynous folks out there.
I’m turned on by everything from the way a guy sits with a guitar to how he focuses in on me in conversation. He can make me insane by delivering a hard kiss against the wall, or by lightly tracing a finger up my jeans as he approaches from behind, or by tugging me down to the ground for a hard massage that soon goes awry. I’m so fucking turned on by earnestness and honesty in a guy that I wish it could be bottled. Often, it ain’t nothing he does… it’s how he is that’ll draw me in.
I don’t know what the margin is for chicks who initiate sex, but I’m pretty fucking sure I’m somewhere near the head of the class. I like sex, and in a relationship, I’m not afraid to express the want to have it — in any number of ways and often, very often. This means I’m pretty in touch with my sex drive, and as such, I probably get turned on by more with a man than your average chick might. Maybe. I’m speculating.
I really want to hear from the chicks on this one. What do the boys do that really get you hot? How can they best press your buttons?
For me, it’s a guy that strokes my legs or ass in a really nice, intimate, gentle manner, just as we’re watching television or something. Over and over and over again. The longer he does it, the more I move towards Meltdown Mode. It’s a guy who shows absolute interest in me. Who leans towards me whenever I begin to speak, who hangs off my words, who drinks me in. If I get that, I’m absolutely fascinated. It’s about intensity and intimacy, and it’s no one thing a man does that makes me want to jump him. It builds, escalates, then implodes on me, and I attack.
In general, guys have all the tried-n-true methods at their disposal: massages, surprise candlelit dinners, a good pair of jeans that advertise your goods, a blanket and a bottle of wine on the floor before a fire, love notes hidden in her purse, biting her neck, and so on. As for specific make-her-want-me-now moves, I can’t really help you. I’m an odd duck.
So now let’s hear about it from readers. Well, girls? In what ways can a guy best delicately manipulate his fuckability factor with you? Hmm?
And guys, you could add a little more to the posting below, so we know what else we can do to/for you. Before you begin to feel transparent and all, just think, what’s the worst that could happen? You’ll give more chicks more means for knowing how to spell out “Fuck-me-now,-please” for your benefit. So, a little cooperation? Thanks.

The Man's Guide to Cunnilingus Pt. 3

If you’re new to this discussion, read Part One here, Part One-B here, and Part Two here.


We left off with me urging you to get in touch with your inner bastard and enter her for two or three teasing, taunting thrusts before leaving her wanting more.
That done, feel free to grin mischeviously and tell her she has to wait until you’ve done your duties. Tease her a little, but you’re going south, boy.
As you slither back down her body, you can again drag your hands down the sides of her torso, slipping over her love handles and down over her hips, remembering that staying in touch with all of her will help shut down those inhibitions every woman has from time to time — and that pays hefty dividends as the night grows not-so-young.
To switch things up now, you can slip your hands down, around, and over her ass from behind, tugging those fleshy inner thighs out of the way as you suck and nibble down over the mons, this time stopping to make acquaintance with the clit, since you’ve already teased it once.
Purse your lips on it and very gently, almost imperceptibly start to suck. Lick it softly as you suck, flickering your tongue over its tip, almost snake-like, which will start to get her very, very aroused. She’s going to want more. But don’t be surprised if she adjusts her legs or shifts her hips. And do not misunderstand this.
She doesn’t want you to enter her, but is only trying to add to the experience by getting herself into a new position that allows for a different sensation. She may even slightly lift her hips, but this could mean she’s just tightening all those regional muscles so she gets more bang for the buck, just like you clench your ass muscles to make yourself harder when she’s going down on you. It’s not a vacancy sign suggesting you move in, boys. Continue what you’re doing.
So, techniques, then? All right, pretend you’re having a fudgesicle (ice cream on a stick for the foreign readers) that’s been sucked down to half its size, but is still wide at the base: Open your lips as wide as they can go and drag them, sucking harder as you go, over the surface of her twat until you’re pursing around her clit again. Now and then, throw tongue action into it, too, flicking hard, then soft, and vice versa, over the top of the clit.
You can even give her a twirlie, where you just encircle the clit with your tongue — round and round and round we go. (Remember, the clit protrudes in a recessed area, so there’s those little cavernous depressions around its base, and this would be where you’d be twirling around… every bit as sensitive as the clit’s mound itself, but not as sexually rewarding, so it heightens the tease for us.)
If you’re confident she’ll enjoy it and you know how sensitive to go, you can start to gently nibble the clit from time to time.
But be careful: You spend too long here and you’ll make her orgasm very quickly. Which is GREAT, but to get your bang for your buck, hold out on her and torturously delay the result. It may well be in your favour to only give her one mind-boggling orgasm versus two or three smaller ones. I’m a quality, not quantity gal, myself.
Another trick is to raise one of her legs and chew on the back of the thigh, slowly working your way back to her twat with your mouth, while your fingers of your other hand stroke and toy with her labia. This is one of those moves you can make that interrupts something powerfully arousing like clit-sucking, since she’ll be delighted at the new sensation, but will still be wanting you to return to her sex. That you make your way there slowly, tauntingly is something that’ll bring a smile to her lips as she deliciously waits it out.
Now, it doesn’t matter that it’s called “oral sex.” You want to use your fingers and hands as MUCH as you can. It’s the same for women when giving men head. Always, always, always use your hands throughout the experience. It’s in the multidimensional sensations that the crazy arousals result.
So, entering her with your fingers, too, flicking against the vulvic walls, thrusting in and out, rotating, bending, twisting, is all particularly effective even when you’re chewing her upper regions, like the mons, or even the clit. Best you divide your time amongst all the northern regions, including the inner thighs and outer vaginal ridges.
Be sure you occasionally use the wonderful methodology of covering your teeth with your lips, then clamping down with varying pressures on all areas of her twat. This allows you to be a little more aggressive without hurting her and can help change the pace into something a little more aggressive and animalistic, if that’s your thing. It’s something better used towards the end of the session, though, than the beginning. Think of it as the second act in an exciting action film — it helps you build tension before the shoot’em-up conclusion.
Remember, though, a good number of us enjoy teeth, so make sure you check to see if a nibble’ll do us some good. Me, I like my men to be full-on carnivores, so long as the pressure and intensity isn’t too severe. I don’t like pain.
You can also fire up the vibe, too, and use the vibrator to slide in and out of her as you do any of the above approaches to the other areas of her vagina. Don’t forget to lube it up before insertion, though. This can be used at any point during the session, but again, is best used in verge-of-climaxing second act or last act.
All right, there are guys everywhere who swear by the “Alphabet Technique.” This technique basically entails the guy lying there and “writing out letters” on the surface of the vagina.
The guys’ll tell each other the money’s in this move, that it delivers the goods and gets her riled. They’ll even say, “Oh, I write her dirty notes…” Like we care. Sorry, but it’s true, and the chicks are just trying to spare your feelings.
So, enter Steff the mythbuster.
Honeys, if it takes you doing your ABCs to get us to “Oh!” then so be it. In reality, this doesn’t do for us nearly what you think it does. A tongue trickling over the surface of my cunt entertains me for a minute or so, but then you’d better expand your vocabulary in a hurry if “wild” is what you’re wanting us to read as.
Why do women respond, then? Simple: We don’t get the amount of surface coverage and exploration and variation that our organs really cry out for — considering the entire region south of our belly-buttons to our anus and from the inner-thighs to in-between is all one giant erogenous zone screaming for all-over doting and exploring. So we’ll take it where we can get it.
As part of your repertoire — a small part — it’s a fine thing. Don’t think it’s the last word, because it ain’t even a syllable, really.
Okay, here’s something I don’t think I’ve seen listed in sex tip manuals, but since I’m a hetero girl and I’ve never read up on cunnilingus, that would also make sense. I’ve had guys do this, but they don’t seem to ever realize just how goddamned effective it is, no matter how unsubtle the moaning or gasping becomes. In fact, most of the time it seems to be happening almost inadvertently, like it’s not something they’re intending to do, but just sorta happens. They seem to suffer under the delusion that it’s just what their tongue is doing that’s inciting the reaction. Nopers, not the case, kids.
Allow me to expound.
Now, I am not a Creationist, and never will be, but I gotta say, these “brilliant design” proponents might be onto something.
Why would I say this? Well, have you ever really considered the brilliance of putting the nose above the mouth? I, as a woman, applaud the good lord or whatever it was that deigned THAT as the place to put the nose.
Think about it. You slip your tongue into a woman, and where’s your nose? Hovering oh so wonderfully just above the clit. Oh, MY. I say get that bad boy in on the action. The fleshy cartilege of the nose is the perfect soft-but-firm clit-stimulating thing. Just nuzzle into the clit — in and up — as you thrust your tongue in and up, or you can do the wagging-dog side-to-side action with both your mouth and your nose. Hell, just in and out can do the trick, too. Definitely worth a shot. Do it all, says I. The more, the merrier. And the more I’ll want to repay you.
You get your hands massaging our breasts or teasing our anus (which may not work on select women), or whatever inspires you, and this can be a money shot for you.
If you’re one of those guys who’s always lamented the big size of his nose… It’s time to realize the gift you can give to the women in your life. And I promise, once she gets the goods, she’s gonna like your schnozz more than you can imagine.
But obviously, don’t forget to breathe before you give her the full-face treatment.
And expect that she’s soon gonna start giving you little pecks on that nose of yours and teasingly nibbling the end of it in between lip-kisses, secretly imagining the times you’ve brought her to the edge with that bad boy, now that it’s become a close personal friend of hers.
Brilliant design, my friends. Brilliant.
But so is the body as a whole. All those ways we can bend and move makes a myriad of approaches possible for every sexual experience, including oral. Don’t keep things limited to the same old position. Try moving around. Try in on the table, on the floor, wherever. Environment and position definitely affects these things.
But whatever you do, don’t forget the details.

The Man's Guide to Cunnilingus Pt. 2

I’m assuming you’ve read part one of this? As a preamble to part two, I’d like to get you to read the scene found below from the show Friends. The point is pretty basic: Almost every chick has had the experience where a guy just has no clue how many erogenous zones we have — hell, even the back of the knees and the fold between where the ass and thigh meet can drive some chicks wild.
In short, fairly common hot zones? Nape of neck, earlobes, ears as a whole, tops of shoulders, breasts (all over), nipples, anywhere on the groin, the clit, the labia, the g-spot, the perineum, the mons, the fingers, the toes, the inner thighs, and for some chicks, the list goes on: the back of the neck, down the spine, the ass (the cheeks and everything in between), the torso, the belly button…
Guys can get bitter that chicks are as “sensitive” as they are… (Albeit, they generally mean emotionally.) Well, it applies physically, too, and that can really play to your sexual advantage, especially if you connect the dots as well as Monica does in that scene below.
Men need to realize that everything from lightly twisting the public hair to gnawing on the mons can drive a woman wild when it comes to orally pleasing a chick.
(If you’re furrowing your brows, “Mons?” Then here’s a helpful diagram you can refer to.)
Let’s face it, when it comes to oral, there aren’t a whole lot of different things you need to master. It all comes down to pacing and variety. It comes down to watching your lover, feeling their reaction, understanding those shudders, gasps, moans, and twitches. This is true of oral regardless of whether it’s straight or gay, on a man or a woman. Knowledge, responding to the physical evidence, attention to detail, and variety of methodology/pace are all things you need to bring to the table.
Sex — oral or penetrative — is like driving a standard transmission. Every little thing you do is going to provoke a reaction. It can go so well or so bad, all depending on you mastering those gears, knowing when to gear up, gear down, or when to just ride it out.
That said, there are areas that will provoke greater reactions, and that always, always, always includes the clit.
I don’t know if there’s an area on the man’s body that reacts with the same intensity as a woman’s clit. If there was, it’d probably be the frenulum, that sensitive bit just under the nib of the cock’s tip, which has always been a favourite plaything of mine during fellatio.
But for us girls, the clit is your ticket to orgasmic fame. So don’t even fucking think of starting things there. The clit’s where you go when you want to take her higher, push her to the edge of it all. It’s not an appetizer. It’s not the starter.
The starter is the inner thighs. Chew them, suck them. Trace a finger up and down her cunt as you do. She’s wet now, and ready for something more, anything more, and you know it. But just to be sure, lick your fingers first. Get ‘em good and moist.
Slip a finger in, and thrust it gently in and out a few times, still nibbling on those inner thighs. Slip a second finger in, thrust one or two times, then rotate your fingers completely around in one direction and back again, and again… like you’re using your fingers to wash the inside of a small-mouthed bottle or a dirty shot glass, slowly pulling out and pushing in as you rotate.

eating out

Your other hand can be scooped under her ass during this, clutching it, or maybe draped over her torso and fonding a breast. You’re still chewing her inner thigh, but now you move up to the crease of skin between where her leg ends and vagina begins. Start to lick a little, sucking a bit as you do. Slide your wet fingers out and pry her leg back and open for greater access to her goods. Delve your tongue into her.

In case you never got the memo, it’s important to know that while most chicks do love a good, hard fuck, because the animality of it’s the arouser, the reality is that most sensation we feel is when a guy does only shallow, quick thrusts with his dick. The reason for this is that our vulvic walls swell just inside the entrance of our cunt, and it’s the shallow thrusting against these swollen walls that stimulates us the most. When you’re deep inside us, it’s the same breadth and friction all the time, with little variety of sensation — unless you’re hung like Ron Jeremy or something (which does NOT appeal to the average chick).
This is why oral is so goddamned effective — you’re getting us where we most want to be gotten — in the shallows.

Start off just thrusting and flicking with your tongue… deep and hard is always thoroughly good. Try to use the full range of motion with your tongue — all the way up and down. But you should try to acquire the skill of making your tongue as wide as you can. If this means losing length, then so be it. You can vary the exploratory tonguing between both the wide and long approach.
I’m sure it’s a little trickier to manage, but if you can slip a finger in her while you’re doing the tonguing, it can be a really, really arousing sensation. Your thumb is probably the most manageable digit to use for this approach, and that’s just fine.
But what about speed, you ask? There’s a lot to be said for slow and thorough, and there’s also great things to be said about fast and aggressive. I favour a little bit of each, but some nights beckon for all of one or the other. It’s really something that’s going to depend on how she’s reacting and what the mood of your evening has been, and what she needs.

A word to the girls… it can be a real turn-on for men if they know you’re not lying there with your head back and your eyes closed. Watch them, scrutinize them, communicate with your eyes just how good you’re going to fuck them when they’re through. This can heighten your arousal — and theirs — as you watch them gnawing on you. Keep some candles or a light on so they can peer up at you as they’re devouring you. Eye contact is always arousing in oral.

As you continue working her over, you can use both hands to pull her thighs apart, pulling the fleshiness out of the way so you can orally enter her as deep as you can. (Girls, you realize you have a standing invitation to help your man out by doing this for him, too, right? And it’ll often get him rock hard if you do participate. Nothing like a helpful girl to get a man off.)
But don’t do these moves all at once. Remember the Friends’ scene. You want to take breaks, often traipsing up to the mons to chew or lick, and moving occasionally up to her breasts and neck, still devouring her as you go. Smother her with your body, flick your cock head up and down her wet cunt, pressing it hard against her clit, letting it twitch a little if you can, teasing her as you suck and nibble her breasts or neck. Kiss her hard and deep, then soft and slow. Fondle her breasts. As you’re teasing her with your cock, lower it off the clit, flexing it up and down against her as you drop a hand down between you and softly, gently toy with her clit.

A word about the clit. Make sure that when you’re fingering her clit that you’re applying the soft pads of your finger. You have no idea how sensitive to touch the clit can be, and too much nail or bony fingertip can quickly undo all the work you’ve done to this point.

If you’re in touch with your inner bastard, feel free to slip your cock into her for one, two, or three good thrusts, but then pull out and deny her more of the same.
Always leave ’em wanting. That’s my motto. And also my cue.
The cliterature will continue with the next installment, PART THREE, here!


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The Sex Tips Scene from "Friends"

When this scene originally aired nearly a decade ago, I howled with laughter. I thought it was as true then as it is now, that guys fail to realize just how goddamned much of our bodies can be tagged as erogenous zones. This was from early in the fourth season. I think it’s relevant to this topic of cunnilingus.
My point for posting this, actually, is so guys get it into their heads that what we want is for you to wander our various erogenous zones like a gypsy with vertigo. Don’t set up camp, as Monica says. Have no fixed address, and have a variety of rhythms, like a jazz session gone awry.
Part two of the Man’s Guide is in progress. Hang tight.
Monica, Chandler, and Rachel are in the girls’ living room as the topic comes up of Chandler having fucked a woman that previously had slept with Joey.
MONICA: [to Chandler] So, did you do it?
CHANDLER: [dejectedly] Yes, yes, we had the sex.
MONICA: Uh-oh, was it bad?
CHANDLER: It was fine, you know, but she didn’t agree with me as strongly as she agreed with Joey. She was more like, uh, “Oh, I see your point. I’m all right with it.”
MONICA: Well, it was the first time. You know, there’s not always a lot of agreement on the first time.
RACHEL: Yeah, not for girls anyway. Guys agree… [snaps her fingers] …like that.
CHANDLER: Look, you have to help me, okay? I mean, I know what to do with a woman. I know where everything goes. It’s always…”nice.” But I need to know what makes it go from “nice” to “My God, somebody’s killing her in there!”
MONICA: All right, I’m going to show you something a lot of guys don’t know. Rach, hand me that pad over there.
[Rach gets a pad and pen off the table and hands it to Monica.]
MONICA: All right. Now… [starts to draw]
CHANDLER: You don’t have to draw an actual wo– [looks at Monica’s drawing] Woah, she’s hot!
MONICA: Now, everybody knows the basic erogenous zones. You got… [starts labelling her diagram] …one, two, three…
[Chandler nods impatiently]
MONICA: Four… [now Chandler looks up, surprised] …five, six, and seven.
CHANDLER: [shocked] There are seven?
RACHEL: Let me see that. [looks at the drawing] Oh, yeah.
CHANDLER: [points to diagram] That’s one?
MONICA [chuckling]: Kind of an important one.
CHANDLER: Oh, you know what? I was looking at it upside down.
RACHEL: Well, you know, sometimes that helps.
MONICA: Okay, now, most guys will hit one, two, and three, and then go to seven and set up camp.
CHANDLER: And that’s bad?
RACHEL: Well, if you go to Disneyland, you don’t spend the whole day on the Matterhorn.
CHANDLER: Well, you might, if it were anything like seven.
MONICA: All right, uh the important thing is to take your time. You want to hit them all and you want to mix them up. You got to keep them on their toes.
[She jubilantly raises her hands in air. They both look at her.]

RACHEL [slightly abashed]: Yeah, for some people.
MONICA: Okay, you could, uh, start with a little one… a two… a one, two, three… a three… a five… a four, a three-two… a two, a two-four-six…
[Monica starts to get into it ]
MONICA: Two-four-six… four…
[Rachel kind of moves back and stretches out]

MONICA: A two…
[Monica now has her eyes closed and is getting visibly excited]

MONICA: Two… four-seven… five-seven…
[Chandler looks away from both of them as if he can’t believe what’s happening]
MONICA: Six-seven; seven, seven, [faster] SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN-SEVEN-SEVEN-SEVEN-[Chandler looks at her in disbelief] SEVEN-SEVEN!
[Monica, eyes still closed, leans back and shudders and says silently, while holding up seven fingers, “seven”.]

The Man's Guide to Cunnilingus: Pt. 1

I had an anonymous request to do a companion guide for my “Good Girl’s Guide to Giving Great Head,” so here we go.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Oral sex is best when it’s a long, dedicated endeavour. If you want a quickie, then fuck and be done with it. If you want oral like it should be done, then take the scenic route.
Remember what I say: The devil may be in the details, but so too is the orgasm.
But it’s a two-way street. Chicks, if you want your man to really take his time, then the muffro’s got to go, baby.
Muffro? Self-explanatory, isn’t it? A little term I’ve come up with for the bushy, unshaven twat kept by a segment of women out there. Sure, there are guys who don’t floss enough and might benefit from it, but really… Muffro’s just gotta go.
If your chick does need shaving, but it’s something she does do herself most of the time, don’t be afraid to offer to help. Break out the electric shaver and ask if she’s open to having you do a little gardening for her. Trim that bush. (A tip? Obviously you’re removing hair — do yourself a favour and place a pillowcase or towel underneath her midsection before you go to work. When done, just wipe away the lingering hairs between her legs and crumple the towel and toss it aside. Now you’re ready to proceed.)
Remember that “two-way street?” There are hygiene issues for men, too. Make sure your nails are short and filed to a nice, smooth edge. You can’t possibly imagine how tender areas of the vagina can be, and those nails are a huge issue for some of us. I’ve given a man a manicure to prevent pain later. Don’t be afraid to offer such services to your man, chicks.
I had one reader mention how he and his lover (also a man) often use rubber gloves when exploring the more sensitive regions of their bodies. I can see how this would work, but it’s the quick’n’easy cure to an otherwise easily remedied problem via the above-mentioned manicure servicing. Rubber gloves, for me, are far too fucking clinical for what should be a passionate experience. It’s bad enough we have to wear condoms (not a negotiable item in any casual experience, period) but to increase the amount of clinical latex in the experience? I say no.
Fact is, sex is usually about skin-on-skin contact. Don’t be a lazy guy. Take care of your hands. Make sure you use hand cream from time to time, and make sure those nails are of insertion-level standards.
And what about beards and facial hair? A closely-trimmed goatee can be exciting for me. I sorta dig that. I also love it when a guy’s got two- or three-day stubble. It gets me, personally, really hot. The downside? It’s a little abrasive and I can’t take as much oral as I might otherwise receive. (But there’s a lot to be said for that aggressive, quicker experience on selective occasions. God, is there.)
A clean-shaven face is the safest way to go. Soulpatches can also be a total turn-on. Conversely, not mustaches so much. Because of the way the mouth and lips move, the soulpatch can stimulate all the right areas, but not overly so, since there’s so little hair to worry about.
Another issue not often brought up can be that of chipped teeth. Many chicks can attest to the great sensation of having their clit nibbled. Chipped teeth, though, can make this an unpleasant experience with that rough edge messing up what might have been a really hot experience.
If you’re new to the act of nibbling clits, I’ll say the same thing to you as I’d tell any chick teething a guy’s cock. Not every chick will enjoy this. Inquire as to whether it’s turning her on. If so, then have at ‘er. If not, then sucking will have to do.
Now, let’s move on. Should she be seated, lying down, or on your face?
A lot of guys have this fetishistic love for chicks sitting atop their faces as they eat her out. All right, I can understand it, but let’s face it: It can be murder on a chick’s thighs to stay there too, too long, and it takes a hell of a lot more concentration on her part. It’s often more for you than for her, since lying down allows her to just give in to the sensation. If driving her wild’s your destination, then keep that in mind.
If you want to do all-out, intensive exploration, let the woman lie down. Let it be all about her. The reality is that you don’t have to be in that same boring position with your head perpendicular between her legs. You can vary the geographic approach a little, even if you are horizontal, and I’ll get to that later.
First of all, though, an important thing guys need to realize is that there’s a reason it’s called “oral sex:” Because it needs foreplay, too.
Don’t just undo her pants and sic yourself on her. If you want a night where you drive her wild, I recommend the massage-to-oral transition for guys, as well. (I referred to that technique in the Girl’s Guide, too.)
If you don’t know, there are flavoured/edible oils out there that really make massage a delicious way to arouse and relax your partner simultaneously. The folks at Kama Sutra (the brand name, not the centuries old guide to the art of Tantra) make a number of sumptuous oils, like Cinnamon Spice, Raspberry Kiss, Ambrosia, Cherry Almond, and a couple more.
(Kama Sutra also has a nifty 5-oil sampler pack so you can have a smorgasboard of tasty experiences. Here’s just one of many retailers selling it online, just so you can see what I mean. These prices are very good. Kama Sutra products are awesome. Something that can do wonders for the yummy-factor of your skin, for either sex, is dusting with their Honey Dust before you meet your lover for the night. It leaves your skin tasting sweet like honey, particularly after you start getting a little hot and bothered. Very erotic and really helps bring out the carnivore in a lover.)
If the notion of giving a “good” massage leaves you with a little stage fright, then how about some pointers?
If she’s already willing to be naked, then get that out of the way. We’re picking up there: She’s naked, stretched out on the bed. An auspicious start, yes?
You can either be at her side or seated atop her bottom. The latter gives you better leverage and a more useful angle to do your work from. Plus, it feels good for both of you and always heightens the arousal aspect ever so slightly. Always my favourite position for a well-applied massage.
Now, a good massage always starts around the neck. Slow kneading of her shoulder-top muscles is a great way to instantly help her relax into the moment. An important issue to point out that’s more relevant to male-on-female massage is that of intensity. A lot of women are more sensitive to deep-tissue work — and not in a good way. Don’t just assume your pressure is good. Ask her. Don’t ask, “Do you like this?” but rather, ask “Is this too hard?” If she says “yes,” then find your way to what works for her. Don’t take it personally and don’t question her tastes. Do what she likes.This goes both ways.
Back to the gameplan. You’re kneading her neck the way she likes. Don’t forget to dote on that area at the top of her neck, where the skull meets the spine. This is the area that most contributes to relaxation. Spend a moment of two there, and then move on south. Don’t forget to throw the occasional neck nibble into the mix.
Dabble on the shoulders, and work your way down her spine, with the heel of your hand in the center on either side of the spine, and fingers stretched out. Just work it, occasionally skimming the surface lightly, like a soft breath, so she continues relaxing and falls into that lucid, sedate state. Don’t worry… you’re going to make her grow alert.
Now, towards the end of the back massage, as your hands slide down her back, follow your progress with your mouth. You can nibble and bite your way down, right down onto her ass, using a hand to massage her inner thighs, staying on the outer ridges of the vagina at the very least. You’re not going there yet.
The basic point, massage or no, is to work over her body before you work over her twat. Get her riled and excited before you enter her with your tongue or fingers. There’s something really great about getting the whole body relaxed before you tense her up with all that teasing and taunting of bringing her to the edge and retreating again.
With the back tended to, have her roll over, if she hasn’t already. You can mount her as you did with her backside, if you like, without entering her. It can be very, very arousing to simply have the length of your shaft pressing against the length of her cunt. It’s a very effective tease, so definitely pay attention to this detail.
If you’re taking this massage/foreplay approach, then lather her breasts and torso with the flavoured oil. Some of the most effective and erotic moves are also the simplest, like running your oily hands up her sides, all the way up her arms and returning slowly down them to rub and massage her shoulders from the front. Slowly move your hands down — rubbing her breasts, fiddling with the nipples, squeezing a little, or harder if she likes that kind of action. (I’d approve, but I’m not sure how many women like having their breasts aggressively manhandled. Chicks, care to vote on this?)
I feel that the more you explore and cover her whole body, the more she’ll lose any inhibitions she might have. When guys focus only on our ass, tits, and twats, our inhibitions about our imperfections can really shout at us. When they’re unafraid to own our whole bodies during the sexual experience, it can really bring out our boldness. When you want her, want all of her. She will respond — guaranteed.
Lean in and mouth her tits. Nibble, suck, and tongue them. (I say “tongue” as a verb as opposed to lick, since there’s a lot you can do with a tongue that doesn’t just involve licking — you can apply pressure, simply flick it, or more. Discover your tongue’s hidden talents in all areas of sex, not just oral.)
Fondle the other breast, and if you want to make her feel really cared for at this point, you can run a hand up to the back of her neck and knead it a little while you orally dote on the nipples. There’s a real pleasure to be found in simultaneously mixing sensitive actions with aggressive ones. The balance can be really fulfilling when you’re on the receiving end, so explore ways you can provide a little of each over the course of an evening.
If you’ve mounted her and have your shaft pressed between her legs, don’t forget to teasingly shift it from time to time. This’ll also keep you clued in to whether she’s wet enough to toy with yet, without having to use your hands. Hopefully, it’ll also keep you aroused and make you want to perform better as you’re sensing her level of arousal growing.
Smother her with your body, nibble her neck, kiss her on the lips, whatever you want to be doing, and then let the games begin.
Snake down her body, nibbling and sucking and biting as you go, until you reach that promised land.

Part Two.