Hi, I'm Steff, I'll be Your Blogger. Some Ideas I'm Considering… & Sugasm

So, I suck. I’m totally behind the times with Sugasm, and it would seem I was the top pick in week 144. Cool. To anyone who voted, thanks so much. 🙂
We’ll get back to that later.
I’m kind of in this whirlwind with a mental list of a thousands things to write about and I just can’t pick which one to run with.
In the next while, though, some of the things you can expect to see from me are a little more on my recent efforts in pursuing men. Like, why, after a veritable Sahara desert of dating for the last two years I suddenly decide I’m interested in dating, and I land 10 first dates in a month? I mean, is there something to the old wisdom of our ability to project our needs when we’re ready to really go there? What’s the deal? Why now, why so easily? Why? Not that I’m complaining.
Well, okay, I’m complaining: I still haven’t had good sex. I could’ve probably shagged, easily, half the dates I had, but why would I? None of them really smacked of being my type. So do I have the right to complain about not getting laid if I’m the one who’s opting out of charity fucks when they’re there for the taking?
And I’m turning 35 in a couple weeks. With it comes a lot of soul-searching about who I’ve been, who I’m transitioning to, what I’ve lived without, and what I think I need for the years to come. And, amongst all those ponderings, comes a rethinking of what sex means to me, and what sex SHOULD mean to me.
That means I’m starting to get very curious about pushing past some of my old boundaries when it comes to BDSM. Not that I think of myself as a domme-in-the-making or anything. Just that, if sex is a smorgasbord, why am I limiting myself to the same old-same old with all that variety? If I’ve got 40 years of sexuality left in this body of mine, perhaps even more, then why not give myself more options for expression? What am I so concerned about?
Then, of course, there’s my big, big hatred for Sarah Palin and all the pandering, right-wing mentality she stands for.
AND naturally there’s another bunch of sex toys I not only need to play with, but share with you my thoughts on. My thinking is, once a week you’ll be hearing about my latest play session. Maybe Monday will be sex-toy review day. After all, you could order it and get it in time for your weekend, if the gods smile upon you.
And there’s more, more, more aswirl in this noggin of mine. I need a roulette wheel with topics on it so I can spin and go, “Okay, I’ll start there!”
Any thoughts of where I should go first, oh minions mine?
Here’s my out-of-date Sugasm, and then I’m caught up–eat some, you’ll feel better:
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2 thoughts on “Hi, I'm Steff, I'll be Your Blogger. Some Ideas I'm Considering… & Sugasm

  1. a

    i am definitely with you in terms of all these dates, and possibilities…it’s almost disconcerting in a way. to go from pretty much no interest to having a plethora of men to choose from. the tough part is getting rid of the chaff to get at the good stuff. lol

    looking forward to the reviews.

  2. Scribe Called Steff

    i’m not so worried about the dates. i’m playing up my whole “GET ME LAID” schtick because it amuses me, but my desire’s kind of at a very manageable level right now.

    i need a man to stoke it, probably, since this whole random-arousal thing isn’t as organic for me as it might be for others. i’m sometimes more cerebral about it.

    but it’s manageable, which is keeping me from impulsive or bad decisions, since that didn’t pay off last month anyhow.

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